Ignite Budapest #1

Ignite Budapest videos and slideshows online!

Here are all 14 presentations from Ignite Budapest #1!  Enjoy!

Tycho Sierra – “Swimming Against the Waste Stream”

Balázs Nagy – “Way of Life in the Antarctic Oases

Patrick Astro Judson – “How Electronic Dance Music Can Save The World”

Kristin Faurest – “The Roma Parliament and the Artists Garden”

Todd Williams – “The Slacker Diaries: The Philosophy of Shirking Work”

Tibor Kocsis – “300 Tons of Gold”

Gábor Bihari – “Green CSR in the Crunch”

Greg Spencer – “Bicycling as Transport”

Steven Carlson – “Gypsy Social Networking”

Franca Rosielle – “Abolishing Borders: Join Multi-Kulti”

Stephen Spinder – “Thirteen Years in Transylvania”

Valéria Urbán – “The Power of Raw Food”

David Erickson – “In the Moment: Notes on Becoming a Photographer

Michelle Barrett – “Impressions of Afghanistan from Behind the Bullet-Proof Glass”

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