Ignite Budapest #7

Ignite Budapest #7 – Meet our speakers

Ignite Budapest 6 audience

Ignite Budapest #7 is almost here! On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, our pre-selected speakers will each give 5-minute presentations on various topics, accompanied by a 20-slide powerpoint presentation. You won’t want to miss this fantastic show.

The show starts at 7:30pm sharp at Brody Studios (1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty u. 38.). Your admission includes a welcome drink to set the mood!

Why not get your tickets before the show? Purchase tickets for our event here and avoid the long lines at the door.

Tickets will also be available at the door on the night of the event – cash only, please, but of course you can pay by card for food and drinks at the bar. And speaking of food and drinks, Brody opens at 6pm, so why not come early and have dinner there?


  • Nine pre-selected speakers! (see summaries of talks below)
  • PRESENTATION KARAOKE: audience members will have the opportunity to come up to the stage on a voluntary basis and narrate a slideshow that they’ve never seen before.
  • Fun quiz with prizes!

See you there!


Alexis Latham photo
Alexis Latham

Alexis Latham

“Power and Pain of Stories”

Stories and storytelling are used more and more in our political, business and personal life. The reason is that stories communicate through the heart, they create an emotional connection and emotions equal action. Similarly as individuals we use stories to make sense of our lives and to help find an emotional truth that justifies our actions. What I would like to show you is how we often mistake fact for fiction and that by sharing with you some of the secrets of how narrative works, you will be able to recognise the holes in other stories and create honesty and engagement in your own.

John Cantwell photo
John Cantwell

John Cantwell

“Three Men, Two Brains, Many Walls and One Simple Message”

What is behind the rise of Trump, Orban, Brexit, and the backlash against liberal and enlightenment values? Why do so many people identify with and support populists whose ideas make no sense to many others? What does it really mean to be liberal or conservative and what is the appeal of these worldviews? In my five minutes, I will try to provide some clarity on these issues.

Andrea Breitling picture
Andrea Breitling

Andrea Breitling

“Growing up in a New Age Cult”
We all have our pasts; stories that make us who we are. I’ll share with you some personal (and ridiculous) stories of my childhood that include spiritual brainwashing, vibrational healing, and letting your light shine.

Béla Durucz photo
Béla Durucz

Béla Durucz

“Revolution in Learning – Programming Robots at Home”

Education is changing, what are the latest opportunities and trends, some experience teaching from elementary school and can you learn robotics at home?

Rupert Slade picture
Rupert Slade


Rupert Slade

“Political Correction Gone Mad”

Metoo# has made white middle aged middle class men feel under threat from a ” politically correct” rabble.. The current president equates student protesters with neo nazis. The pop psychologist and brain behind male white victimhood Jordan Peterson says your opinion isn’t valid if you don’t make your bed in the morning, but history proves that so called “politically correct” ideas always turn out to be right even if they look clumsy at first.

Márton Csepregi photo
Márton Csepregi

Márton Csepregi

“This Too Shall Pass”

This speech is all about my realization, that I do not fully enjoy the good things I have because I keep wishing for better, and how I realized that I can choose to stay present and love what I have 🙂

Zsuzsanna Szili photo
Zsuzsanna Szili

Zsuzsanna Szili

“Expelling Education”

Education is my passion. I teach people how to achieve their goals while they are learning English. The title of my speech is “Expelling Excellence” which refers to the human capacity of making mistakes. The school system in our society focuses on MISTAKES. Therefore by the time we finish formal education, we may feel we are not good enough. I encourage you to fail and the learn how to stand up, and go ahead towards your goals and bring light to the life of others.

Adela Lupse photo
Adela Lupse

Adela Lupse

“You Are the Power of Your Dreams”

When you have a dream you have to follow it with all your strength and determination.
Accepting yourself and your body is a real power.
Do not lose yourself in false perfection from the sick requirements of a perfect society.
You are perfect as you are.
Do not be afraid to fail, like this you learn to become the best.
Try again and again until you see your dream come true.
Be yourself.
This is your power.

Gábor Salamon photo
Gábor Salamon

Gábor Salamon

“I Will Learn It”

A 4-step model of developing a skill. It is about motivation and knowledge / skill and how the level of them change over time and with practice.