Ignite Budapest #4

Ignite Budapest #4 speakers – be there on Nov 23!

Ignite Budapest #4 is tomorrow, Wednesday, November 23!  Come out and watch our fantastic speakers give 5-minute presentations on various topics, accompanied by a 20-slide powerpoint presentation.

The show starts at 8:00pm at Brody Studios (1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty u. 38.), with doors opening at 7:00pm. Admission of 1,000 Ft. (Brody members) or 1,500 Ft. (non-members) includes a welcome drink to set the mood!

  • Eleven speakers! (see summaries of talks below)
  • PRESENTATION KARAOKE:  audience members will have the opportunity to narrate a slideshow that they’ve never seen before.
  • CONTEST:  a fun contest that everybody can participate in with actual prizes!

see you there!



  • Gábor Salamon “Default Decisions and Decision Defaults”

In many fields of our everyday life we are faced to complex decisions.  Even if such a complex decision has a long lasting effect, the cognitive effort necessary to make them pushes people towards shortcuts.  One of the most popular shortcuts is: be lazy, accept whatever is offered by default.  I will ignite thinking about how taking default influences our life and about the responsibility of those designing these default decisions.  Talk based on the work of R. H. Thaler and C. R. Sunstein (see their book “Nudge”).

  • Viktória Kiss “How to Hygge”

If the tradition of hygge can help explain why Scandinavian countries boast the happiest and most successful populations, then maybe many of us from other cultures could learn from this enduring and heart-warming way of life. After learning about hygge I have felt an intense urge to share my ideas of how could we incorporate hygge in our daily basis.

I do believe that enrolling hygge in our lives can better not only our mood, but the society around us as well. While preparing for this presentation my intention was to reveal and propagate the advantages of practicing hygge. I am going to explain what does this Danish expression mean, why do I find it important and how shall we practice it. I hope that I will also encourage the audience to do hygge regularly.

  • Marylin Ball Brown “Voice Lesson 101”

I am a professional opera singer and I would like to give a short presentation on simply how to sing!

  • Ildi Beck “What Happens in Vegas?”

Inspire to think out of the box, encourage the “don’t limit yourself” and fearless attitude in everyday life. I would use my own example when the first time exhibited at the Convention Center in Las Vegas with my tiny company.

  • Edward Salazar “TRUST ME!”

In a globalized, social-media dominated world, truth seems to have lost its value and public trust appears to have been ripped from the fabric of society.  Nevertheless, there are signs of hope that new networks of trust are emerging for a digital age, tapping into the growth of social capital, and creating new opportunities to restore habits of trust to a “post-truth” generation.

As a former career US diplomat, my entire professional lifetime has revolved around efforts to build and enhance trust, and to create enduring trustworthy relationships across political, cultural, economic, and language barriers.  Over the past 60 years, however, the steady disintegration of the fabric of public trust has eroded the very relationships that help to keep our societies stable, just, and prosperous.  That trend may be about to reverse.  I am grateful to the work of the University of Oxford’s Our World in Dat project, to the UK Behavioral Insight Team’s David Halpern, and to Harvard University’s Bob Putnam for opening my eyes and allowing me to share some prospects for hope.

  • Zsombor Vasvári “The Price of Coolness”

What is the proportion of the price in products we are willing to pay for the product to be cool? What % of the product price goes into: how it makes us feel? How do we make decisions when shopping, and choosing between products? Are humans really rational?

  • Atis Szabó “Welcome to the Anxious Flyers Club.”

My talk is about my fear of flying. How I developed it and how I try to cope with it.

  • Andrea Major “How to Choose a Good Leader?”

We are not educated to choose the right leader and there are so many people try to act like leaders these days, we shall ask what is it that makes a true leader. A true leader wants to make people stand on their own and not make other people follow them like a sheep following the herd. Elected leaders shall be public servants and not a person who is well-connected, powerful, charismatic or wealthy. We have to look at a leader by what he has not — ego, arrogance, and self-interest, someone who has a greater purpose who is greater than himself, who is able to rise above his-her individual goals. A true leader shows us the world is heading somewhere and we do not need to live in fear and that we are not just observing history (and nature) but — we “are” history and nature and we are capable of getting rid of war, anger, hate and ignorance and can even tackle climate-change. True leadership is important not only in politics but it affects the lives of communities, schools, corporations, churches and also partnerships.

In order to select the right leader, whom we can trust, we need to continuously question: is he truly devoted to his mission or just seeking glory? Is he truly interested in the welfare of others or wants a herd for his own aggrandizement? We then set standards for our leaders and even more so for ourselves and this is exactly why leaders are a reflection of us.

When people sincerely trust a leader, they become eager to accept his direction and input, and are inspired to accomplish far more than they could have on their own…that is why it is so important to choose a true leader.

  • Péter Temesváry “What Makes an Airplane Fly?”

Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered: “How on earth does 300 tons of aluminum, filled with kerosene, suitcases and human beings, stay up in the air?”

  • Andrea Brietling “On Being Fabulous, with a Bit of Bad-Assery.”

Stop wasting time on being mediocre. Find the superhero within.

  • Tamás Lippner “The Enchanted Lamp”

Who hasn’t dreamt of borrowing Aladdin’s enchanted lamp for a while? What would your wishes be if you knew that they could become reality? Hear the true story about how someone found the enchanted lamp in modern times and received love, money and faith. An ancient secret told in just five minutes!