Ignite Budapest #2

Speakers announced for Ignite Budapest #2!

The second Ignite Budapest extravaganza is coming!! Here’s the scoop:

Ignite Budapest #2
Tuesday, Nov. 10,  7:30pm
Cotton Club, VI. Budapest, Jókai u. 26.
700 Ft. (includes first drink)

Reserve tickets for this event by sending an email to  We will hold reservations until 7:00pm on the day of the event.


In this Ignite, audience members will get the opportunity to be a part of the show too. Four audience members will have the opportunity to come up on stage and narrate a 3-minute slideshow they’ve never seen before in front of everyone!  Contact if you’re interested in doing this.

UPDATE: Two new presenters just added, Anikó and Dániel!  Check below.

Check out our super-cool eight ten presenters for this event:

Geoffrey Thomas – “Consciousness: Easy and Hard”

  • This is a brief look at the problems of consciousness that scientists think we can solve and those they don’t think we can solve.


Gretchen Meddaugh – “Capuchin Monkeys Spending Money”

  • Behavioral economists have studied capuchin monkeys and whether they can understand the concept of money. The monkeys make rational and irrational choices with remarkable similarity to humans’ decisions. I mean, remarkable!
Mary Murphy – “Lacking Comma Sense”

  • Favouring self-expression at the cost of sentence structure, educators frequently leave errors uncorrected. Bad syntax, sloppy punctuation, misplaced apostrophes and misspellings abound. Most people couldn’t care less. Some care too much.
Mark Andrews – “The beautiful bridges of Budapest and the history of our beautiful language teaching profession”

  • The talk will focus on all 8 bridges of Budapest and key moments in the history of language teaching.
Gábor Bihari – “Believe It or Not: This Crunch is Green!”

  • How the Credit Crunch and the Global Economic Crisis will actually improve the state of the environment.
Bullet Shih – “The Neo-Naive Movement”

  • Some basic tenets of the Neo-Naive Movement and how they apply to art and life in the 21st Century.
Jacob Doyle – “Operation Blue Med”

  • An initiative to clean up the waters of the Mediterranean and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by allowing only emissions-free ships and boats and other sea-going vessels on the Med waters by 2030. The details of the initiative will be described along with the technology to make it possible.
Erik D’Amato – “Why everyone should still be pooping their pants about the world economy”

  • Erik D’Amato, who has covered international finance on and off for the last 20 years, takes a walk through some of the lesser-known – and truly awful – statistics and trends that suggest everything could get a lot, lot worse before it gets much better.
Anikó Kiss – “What is Reality, really?”

  • Physicists have known for decades that reality is not as solid as it appears. As a matter of fact, it depends a whole lot on how you observe it. How is it to live in a world where reality depends on you?
Dániel Farkas – “Play to Learn How to Sell Value”
  • People in general have very poor  practical(!) entreprenurial knowledge – though money is one of the key factor in their life. We need the knowledge how to sell our value in order to make living out of what we love doing the most, in other words, we have to learn entrepreneurial skills. We have an idea, a game, how people can experience the entrepreneur mindset, and learn the skills step by step gradually by real life challenges. All this via a simple, but forceful game.   In one sentence: Learning by doing on steroids that makes available for everyone to practice and master business.

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