Ignite Budapest #1

Ignite Budapest to launch on May 28!

If you had 5 minutes on stage, what would you say? What if you only had 20 slides, and they rotated automatically every 15 seconds? That’s the essence of Ignite, a series of events already underway in 50 cities around the world, and now coming to Budapest on May 28!

Come out to this exciting event, the first Ignite in Central and Eastern Europe, and watch 15 speakers give speedy presentations on various topics in English. We’ll also have a special promotional giveaway for the first 20 attendees!

WHAT: Ignite Budapest
WHERE: Treehugger Dan’s Cafe and Bookstore (VI. Lázár u. 16., directly behind the Opera)
WHEN: Thursday, May 28, 7:30pm.
HOW MUCH: Only 200Ft!

Order of presentation for Ignite Budapest #1:

Tycho Sierra – “Swimming Against the Waste Stream”

Balázs Nagy – “Way of Life in the Antarctic Oases”

Kristin Faurest – “The Roma Parliament and the Artists’ Garden”

Patrick Astro Judson – “How Electronic Dance Music Can Save The World”

Franca Rosielle – “Abolishing Borders:Join Multi-Kulti”

Valéria Urbán – “The Power of Raw Food”

Todd Williams – “The Slacker Diaries: The Philosophy of Shirking Work”

Michelle Barrett – “Impressions of Afghanistan from Behind the Bullet-Proof Glass”

— break —

Gábor Bihari – “Green CSR in the Crunch”

Tibor Kocsis – “300 Tons of Gold”

Greg Spencer – “Bicycling as Transport”

Alan Wilkinson – “Hate Thy Neighbour”

David Erickson – “”In the Moment: Notes on Becoming a Photographer”

Steven Carlson – “Gypsy Social Networking”

Stephen Spinder – “Ten Times In Transylvania”