Ignite Budapest #1

Ignite Budapest videos and slideshows online!

Here are all 14 presentations from Ignite Budapest #1!  Enjoy!

Tycho Sierra – “Swimming Against the Waste Stream”

Balázs Nagy – “Way of Life in the Antarctic Oases

Patrick Astro Judson – “How Electronic Dance Music Can Save The World”

Kristin Faurest – “The Roma Parliament and the Artists Garden”

Todd Williams – “The Slacker Diaries: The Philosophy of Shirking Work”

Tibor Kocsis – “300 Tons of Gold”

Gábor Bihari – “Green CSR in the Crunch”

Greg Spencer – “Bicycling as Transport”

Steven Carlson – “Gypsy Social Networking”

Franca Rosielle – “Abolishing Borders: Join Multi-Kulti”

Stephen Spinder – “Thirteen Years in Transylvania”

Valéria Urbán – “The Power of Raw Food”

David Erickson – “In the Moment: Notes on Becoming a Photographer

Michelle Barrett – “Impressions of Afghanistan from Behind the Bullet-Proof Glass”

  • All the videos can also be seen here:

  • The slideshow presentations, which can be downloaded, appear on Slideshare:

Ignite Budapest #1

Ignite Budapest #1 – it’s a wrap!

Steve at Ignite Budapest #1

Thanks so much to everyone for coming out to the first Ignite Budapest on Thursday night! We had over 100 guests for our premier event, an unbelievable turnout for something new and unknown like this. This was also the biggest turnout ever for an event at Treehugger Dan’s Cafe. Wow!

–> We were extremely fortunate to have had 14 amazing speakers present at the first Ignite. Videos of each presentation will soon be uploaded online and embedded into this website.

–> If you were at Ignite Budapest #1, we’d love to hear your feedback! Just leave a comment anywhere on this site.

–> We’re also looking for sponsors for future Ignite events! If you can help us in any way with finding an approprite sponsor for Ignite Budapest, please let us know.

–> Info about the next Ignite, and how to apply to become a speaker yourself, will be coming soon. Sign up to our newsletter by sending an email to to make sure that you don’t miss any important information about Ignite Budapest.

The above photo is actually the only one I have of the event at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be able to get more and post them here.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this event a huge success!